Raise your hand if you have furniture blocking a wall outlet. Now keep your hand up if you’re constantly moving furniture to charge devices. (Okay, you can put your hands down now). I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this dilemma! So I rolled up my sleeves to create an easy DIY sofa table with outlet. The best part is the entire project only costs $25!

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I was very tired of shifting my sofa away from the wall, just so I could access the outlet. There had to be a better alternative! So I did what most people would do, and started searching online for something to fit my needs. I found many sofa tables with built in outlets, but they were either $100.00 plus or made of cheap particle board. Neither of those options were acceptable to me! So I decided to roll up my sleeves and fix this myself.

Step One

My first step was a trip to my local hardware store where I picked up (x1) 2″x6″x8″ piece of lumber ($5.04) and (x2) 2″x2″x8″ pieces of lumber ($7.56). I opted for Spruce Pine Fur (SPF) because it’s a relatively strong wood and can easily be stained. It’s also run through a kiln during the drying process so it’s resistant to water. A bonus with glassware that might leave condensation rings. I then placed an order for this recessed power strip with 2 AC outlets & 2 USB outlets ($11.99). Having a recessed power strip like this is perfect for your DIY sofa table with outlet, because you can easily plug it in, without the need for complicated wiring. The outer shell is fire resistant so you can charge your phone and other devices without fear.

Step Two

My next step was to measure the back of my sofa to the height I wanted my table (minus 2″ for the table top). I then used my awesome Miter Saw to cut 4 equal legs to the dimensions I measured. (If you don’t own a Miter Saw, employees of hardware stores are usually more than happy to help you cut something to your specifications) Next, I traced the size of the furniture outlet and used a Jig Saw to cut an opening for the outlet. Afterwards, I used some Minwax stain that I had remaining from a past project, and stained all sides of my prepped wood. (the Dark Walnut color is gorgeous!)


After everything was nice and dry, I used 2 1/2″ wood screws to fasten the legs (this piece was going to be hidden behind a sofa, so I didn’t need to get any fancier than that). I then set the outlet in place and plugged it in. $25 and a little DIY gave us the perfect place to charge devices and set our drinks. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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