The benefits of travel are deeper than the Grand Canyon. When we travel, we are exposed to new cultures, foods, and people. With these new experiences comes empathy, acceptance and compassion. We are better equipped to appreciate new viewpoints. We become more comfortable with change. And we learn to open our minds as well as our hearts. Not only do we become better global citizens, but we also become wiser. In 2017, Forbes published an article detailing a study between “multicultural engagement” and “integrative complexity” of MBA students studying abroad. In summary, travel pushes us outside of our comfort zone and our brains respond by enabling us to thrive in new ways. 

If travel can benefit adults so greatly, just think of how well it will affect our children. Studies have shown that being exposed to other languages as a child can improve cognitive development. And when we travel with our children, they learn at an early age to appreciate people from all backgrounds. 

Hopefully soon, we’ll be able to begin traveling again with our children, but until that day, we’ve compiled a list of travel books for kids that you can share as a family. We hope you enjoy going on a journey together!


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The Travel Book

Lonely Planet is a trusted name in travel and Lonely Planet Kids has released a children’s travel book. The Lonely Planets Kids Travel Book takes readers on a tour through 200 countries. The book gives children a comprehensive look at other countries, people and cultures. Each page details a different country, from their wildlife, sports, foods and other facets of life there. This book is an excellent resource for your child to build their own bucket list.

Olivia Goes to Venice

If your kids love Olivia, they will love to go with her on her trip to Venice.  Ride a gondola, eat gelato and explore the city. Did you know that Venice is made up of 118 tiny islands? Or that the city sinks a little each year?  While you’re following Olivia around the city, check out these kid friendly fun facts about the romantic city of Venice. We’ve also include a link to a walking tour of Venice, so keep your eye out for Olivia & her family!

Spider-Man Swings Through Europe! 

After leaving Olivia in Venice, swing through more of Europe with Spider-Man. Spider-man picks up in Venice where Olivia left, and takes readers to other cities of Europe. Utilize the enclosed map of Europe to follow in his journey and plan a future journey of your own. This is a great book for young readers.  It will keep their minds engaged as they practice their reading and explore the world. 


City Trails – Paris

From the same folks that brought you The Travel Book, enjoy City Trails – Paris. Not only will your child learn an incredible amount about Paris, but you probably will too! This book is great for readers 8 years and up.  Enjoy stories, fun facts and laughs. Learn how to paint the Eiffel Tower and meet a dodo.  If you can’t make it to Paris right now, stroll on this walking tour through the city.

City Trails – Tokyo

Another book in the City Trails series is Tokyo. Your child gets to explore the history, culture & food of Tokyo, Japan. This book features expected tourist destinations as well as offbeat finds. Your kids will also enjoy testing you on the trivia questions! This informative & fun book will keep your whole family entertained!

Not So Happily Ever After: The Tale of King Ludwig II 

You’re probably very familiar with Neuschwanstein Castle. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Unfortunately, King Ludwig II died before the interior was ever finished. As tragic as that was, the circumstances around his death were nothing short of mysterious. This book is an excellent read for your teens. It will keep them engaged and entertained, while they learn some world history. To compliment the book, here is an in-depth tour of Neuschwanstein.


Other favorite travel books for kids include

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