Back in 2012, we stumbled upon what has become my favorite piece of art ever: “The Magnificent Multitude of Beer” poster from Pop Chart. This unique print was part of a limited run. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to score print number 170 of 500. This poster is incredible! Over 500 beers are represented within 100 subcategories of either ales or lagers. To round out the print, every single beer has a line taking you to the recommended glass for each beer. These days, Pop Chart makes a variation of the beer poster, but I’m so glad we got our original!


We’ve moved several times since 2012 and the poster has hung in the dining room of each house. Now that we’re in our forever home, the poster is hanging where it will in perpetuity. However, this glorious print was looking a little sad on the wall by itself. Lately, I’ve been brainstorming ways to make it pop. That’s when I decided to add some mill work for a feature wall.

My first step in this process was to design a layout. Fortunately for me, my husband has a great eye for design and created a layout better than my original plan.

After finalizing the plan, I took a trip to my local hardware store. There I was able to find 8 foot trim sections for $0.29 a foot. With my measurements in hand, I knew I needed 8 of these sections for a total of $18.56 before tax.


Once home, we used our laser level to make pencil marks on the wall. It’s very important to make sure all of your pieces are level. If one piece is off slightly, it leads to another piece being off even more.

With our level pencil marks, I got to work on cutting the sizes we knew we would need, taking care to cut the 45 degree angles correctly.

With the trim cut, we started at the squares closest to the poster, and then worked our way out. Even with our pencil marks, we still used a straight level in order to ensure everything was in line. Painter’s tape was an excellent tool to keep the boards perfectly straight before using the nail gun.

After all the pieces were nailed in place, I filled nail holes and joints with Spackle I found in my garage. To ensure my finished product looked truly professional, I sanded the Spackle sections. To finish the project, we painted the trim the same color as our wall with left over paint in our basement. I found that three coats gave it the best finish.

Now that this project is complete, I couldn’t love it any more! With a little time and effort we were able to get a custom feature wall for less than $20.

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