After spending a prolonged period of time confined in close quarters together, it can often mean that romance takes a back seat. We’ve compiled a list of easy quarantine date ideas to make sure your relationship stays strong.


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Go virtually site seeing

You may not be able to leave the house, but you can still visit famous sites all over the world. Many places even offer live webcams so you can virtually visit in real time. Visit places like Tokyo, the Maldives, San Francisco or Hawaii. In addition to live webcams, you can take walking tours of popular places. Walk the beaches of Aruba, stroll the Amalfi Coast in Italy, or checkout the art in the Louvre.

Walk down memory lane

Whether you’ve been married fifty years or dating for one, pull out those photos and see how far your relationship has come. Reminisce about your first date, major milestones, and big life changes. Look back at your kids, grand kids, career changes, weddings & retirements. Wherever life has taken you, make sure you both know you wouldn’t want to travel this journey with anyone else.

Enjoy a dance

Life can often become very hectic and it’s easy to become comfortable in your relationship. One free romantic quarantine date idea only requires some music. Put on your favorite music or first dance song and share a dance with your special someone.


Take out from your favorite place

Dining in may be out of the question right now, but if you have a favorite restaurant, they more than likely are offering take out service. Grab your favorite meals and enjoy them at home. Someday soon you’ll be able to dine in again without having to do the dishes afterward! And don’t forget to tip your servers or delivery person!

Game night

Have a deck of cards or a board game laying around? Dust off those boxes and start a friendly game. Without distractions from phones, you’ll be able to focus on each other. Whether it’s Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens, enjoy laughing as a couple.

Plan a dream vacation

Traveling somewhere right now might be out of the question, but you can still plan an epic trip together for after all travel restrictions are lifted. Have you always wanted to travel to Italy, Hawaii, or Singapore? Sit down together and plan your dream vacation. Research museums, read out the history, & watch YouTube videos. Whether you’ll be able to go this summer or in 5 years, you’ll have something to look forward to.


Go for a walk

Whether it’s through the neighborhood or through a park, taking a walk together can be good for your health and good for your relationship. Get outside and get your exercise while you chat about anything.

Take a drive

Practice social distancing while going for a drive, just the two of you. Grab an ice cream and park somewhere scenic and enjoy the view. Talk about your goals and where you’d like the future to take you. Enjoy each other’s company and appreciate what you have.

Watch your favorite movies

Do you love romantic comedies? What about suspense? Pop some popcorn and settle in for a night of your favorite movies. Or you can search Netflix for movies you haven’t seen. Either way, enjoy a cinematic evening together.

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