2020 has been a year of change. We’ve changed how we live and reprioritized what is important to us. We haven’t been able to spend quality time with loved ones and we may not see them during the holidays. This year, more than ever, the gifts we give will be less about the cost and more about the thought. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of holiday gifts with a purpose.


To caveat our list, we do not receive compensation of any kind from the products we’ve listed. We genuinely support these causes and the missions they’ve set out to serve. 2020 has taught us all to spread more kindness and love. That’s what we’ve aimed to do!

FEED The Children of the World

Approximately 795,000,000 a day go hungry in this world. For children facing food shortages, school lunches may be the only food they receive in a day. FEED is a lifestyle brand developed with the mission to provide school meals the world’s most vulnerable communities. Holiday gifts with a purpose include jewelry, bandanas, lunch boxes, and bags. Each product provides a fixed number of lunches to children in need. For instance, the FEED 1 Bag provides 185 meals.


Wildlife Collections

Each day, approximately 100 elephants are killed by ivory poachers. The illegal ivory trade is extremely profitable but the only ones in this world who actually are in need of ivory, are the elephants. Save the Elephants has partnered with Wildlife Collections to sell elephant tracking bracelets. A portion of all bracelets goes to help Save The Elephants in Kenya. Recipients can track their elephant, learn about their family, and gain knowledge about these beautiful animals.



Gone are the days when socks were a boring gift. These days, socks are stylish and fun! However, to those facing housing insecurities, socks are a health necessity. To date, Bombas has given nearly 43,000,000 pairs of socks to those in need. With every pair of socks you gift a loved one, a second pair will be donated. A great way to warm your toes and your heart.



TOMS is a company truly on a mission. To date, they have given over 95,000,000 pairs of shoes, 780,000 pairs of glasses, 722,000 weeks of fresh water, and $6.5 million dollars in impact grants. Not only are their shoes stylish and comfortable, but you can feel good with each pair you gift a loved one.


If there is a charitable cause close to your heart, chances are you can support that cause through Sevenly. From Autism, to cancer, to trafficking, to disaster relief, and many more. Gift a shirt with proceeds benefiting Global Smile. Gift a tumbler for the National Down Syndrome Society. Or gift a hat for the Red Cross. With Sevenly, you can find a gift for everyone on your list and the causes near and dear to their hearts.


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