Right now, millions of families are staying home to stay safe. Being at home can quickly become boring and mundane. We’ve compiled a few things we’ve done as a family on how to make quarantine fun.


Take A Virtual Vacation

Why study at a desk when you could do your schoolwork on the beach? Grab a beach chair, swimsuits, & turn on a walking tour of Aruba and you’re set! You don’t even need to pack your sunscreen. The sound of the waves can be soothing and help your kids relax while they finish their work. Adults aren’t the only ones stressed right now. A virtual tropical vacation can be good for your child’s mental health.

How to make quarantine fun

Have A Friendly Competition

These days, just about everyone has a face mask. Use that face mask as a blindfold and see who can build the biggest sculpture in fifteen minutes. You wont believe how much fun you’ll have. Even grown ups can take part! After the timer sounds, take a vote on who’s was best. Increase the challenge with a specific theme like cars or spaceships, for extra fun.

Camp Under The Stars

Traveling to a camp site might be out of the question right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sleep under the stars. Pitch your tent in the backyard and go camping! You can even make it extra cozy with lots of pillows and blankets. Throw in an extension cord and laptop and you can binge watch movies under the stars.

pitch a tent

Take A Field Trip

If you’re currently homeschooling your kids, it’s important they have a well-rounded education. To that end, we can’t forget about art class! Have everyone pile in the car, park somewhere safe, and have the kids draw what they see out the window. Or make it a competition and pick one scene for everyone to draw. Afterwards, you can compare how the art pieces look the same and how they look different.

traveling art class

Test Your Baking Skills

We all have those dishes that we could make blindfolded. But how often have you had the free time to really test your baking skills? If you’re quarantined at home with your family, now would be a great opportunity to challenge yourself. Why not try your hand at Crème Brûlée, Homemade Glazed Donuts, or Homemade Bread? Have your kids help you and you will end up with delicious treats and fun family memories.

homemade donuts

We hope you liked this list of how to make quarantine fun during school closures. You may also like our Visit Animals on a Virtual Field Trip and make sure you follow us on Facebook!