I like a clean home. Each day, my family and I stay on top of daily chores like dishes and counters. However, it’s easy to become blind to areas that need routine deep cleaning. To help keep your home in pristine shape, we’ve compiled our best kitchen cleaning and organization tips.

Each week, we’ll add a new a room to our series to help get your whole home clean and organized in the new year.


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  • Vacuum & wipe down insides of drawers and cabinets
  • Go through each cabinet and purge unused ‘stuff’
  • Clean or replace greasy vent filter
  • Replace / reseal crumbling grout or caulking
  • Clean out freezer and wash interior
  • Reorganize knives
    • We tossed that knife block that comes with sets and upgraded to a drawer unit. With little humans in the house, keeping knives off the counter is a lot safer!
Our Best Kitchen Cleaning and Organization Tips
  • Send knives out to be professionally sharpened
    • There are several companies out there that will professionally sharpen your knives for a very reasonable fee. One we’ve used before is Knife Aide.
  • Pull out that slide in range and clean behind & sides
  • Clean base, crown, and door moldings
  • Dust lighting
  • Clean & degrease the cabinet fronts
  • Clean inside of dishwasher with dishwasher tablets
  • Pull fridge out to clean behind and under
  • Clean and degrease on top of cabinets
  • Go through and donate unused cookbooks
  • Organize under the sink
    • After years of losing sponges and cleaners to the back of the sink cabinet, we upgraded to a slide out organizer. It has been one of the greatest organizing investments in our home!
  • Check plumbing fittings
    • While you’re under the sink, this is a great chance to check your fittings and ensure there are no leaks.
  • Clean out and reorganize the pantry

  • Polish those pots and pans
    • If you’ve invested in or been gifted quality cookware, they might be in need of some love after all these years. Bar Keepers Friend is a cookware saver!
  • Clean the inside of the oven
  • Sanitize light switches, handles, and faucet
  • Clean out, organize, and wash the inside of the fridge
    • This is also a good opportunity to pick up some handy fridge organizers
  • Reorganize and purge that junk drawer
  • Organize those utensils & cutlery
    • When we were building out house, we made sure to include drawer organizers. These things are fantastic! Even if your drawers don’t already have them, they are easy and cheap to add.
  • Clean or replace that old, smelly trash bin
  • Deep clean all those appliances
  • Toss that old sponge and get the new one out of the sink
  • Deep clean and degrease stove grates and oven racks
  • Pull out and clean that drawer under the range
  • Run coffee maker tablets to deep clean that coffee maker
  • Remove crumbs and clean that toaster
  • Check and tighten all cabinetry and hardware screws
  • Clean those footprints off the wall in front of those barstools

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