If there’s one bright spot of being quarantined with my family, it’s all the memories we’ve created. In the midst of all the chaos and uncertainty, we’ve made fun a priority. It’s important for me that when my kids look back on this, they only remember the fun times. Hopefully they’ll remember the backyard camp outs, movies under the stars, and baking. Lots and lots of baking! Our kitchen adventures have been so enjoyable, that we’ve compiled a list of super fun gadgets for cooking with kids. We hope you and your family are enjoying this extended time spent together!

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Edible Science: Experiments You Can Eat

Cooking with kids is a fun way to build memories. It’s also an excellent educational opportunity. Baking and cooking are both made up of many chemical reactions. Your kids can learn about chemistry, microbiology and fractions, while having fun.

RiseBrite Real Kids Baking Set

This 35 piece kitchen essentials kit has everything your child will need to start their kitchen adventures. Kids will enjoy baking cupcakes or cookies, and helping you with dinner. Teaching children how to cook early can help build their confidence and give them a new life skill.


Crunch Donut Maker

Several weeks ago, we made donuts from scratch. They were amazing! If making them entirely from scratch is a little intimidating, this kit makes it more manageable. You and your kids will have loads of fun and enjoy yummy donuts.

Magical Microbes DoughLab STEM Kit

The science of baking comes to life with this kit. Your child can perform over 5 experiments and learn about yeast and gluten. Fun experiments include racing to inflate rubber gloves with the gas produced from yeast.


Plastic Knife Set for Kids

The top reason that parents don’t include children in cooking, is the risk of injury. These plastic and nylon knives are kid safe and prevent injury. They are perfect for fruits, vegetables, and breads. Now you can cook with kids without fear.


The Star Wars Cook Book

Do you have any Star Wars fans in the house? There are many cute baking and cook books all related to your favorite characters. There’s also a ton of other fun Star Wars kitchen goodies. I definitely think our house is in need of a Star Wars apron.

Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

This 52 piece cake decorating kit is the ultimate set for your little bakers. The kit includes everything you’ll need for hours of fun decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Enjoy their delicious art pieces at home or create beautiful gifts for grandma and grandpa.


Kids Baking DIY Activity Kit

Whenever we’re baking, our kids leave a mess of ingredients everywhere! This kit is extremely convenient with pre-measured ingredients and simple to follow directions. Your kids can make cookies, cinnamon buns, cake-pops, muffins and more. You’ll have loads of delicious fun!

MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials

If your family is a fan of cooking competitions, why not host one at home? MasterChef Junior has everything your junior chef needs to win a family competition. The set even comes with recipe cards of dishes made famous on the television show.


Kitchen Utensil Set

Your kitchen most certainly is stocked with cooking utensils, but how many are this cute? This adorable bundle can be set aside solely for use by your little ones. These fun silicone tools are safe to use on your highest quality cookware. And they’re fun enough to inspire your junior chefs.

Eat2Explore Explore Greece Food Box

Too often, when cooking, we get stuck in a rut of the same variety of foods. That’s where Eat2Explore comes in. These lovely boxes come with recipe cards, spices, sauces, and grain mixes to whip up specialties around the world. Your kids can sample dishes from places like Ethiopia, China, Japan, and many more.

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