Staying home might be the safest option this Halloween, but how do we make it special for our kids? These Home Halloween Ideas will keep your kids happy and create fun family memories.

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Spider Egg Hunt

Did you know that Spider Eggs and Easter Eggs look exactly alike? Amazon even sells orange eggs perfect for Halloween. Spread those candy filled Spider Eggs all over your home and yard. Your kids will have a blast searching for those with their trick or treat bags. You can even fill the eggs with coupons for fun prizes like extra screen time, a scoop of ice cream, or a family room sleep over.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are older, they will surely love a challenging scavenger hunt. Create fun clues to send your kids all over the house. Or to save time, you can purchase this ready made Holiday Scavenger Hunt. Clues like “Where the witches keep their cars” can send the kids to the broom closet. And “Fresh ghost gowns” can send them to the linen closet. They will definitely enjoy spending Halloween at home with a fun puzzle to solve.

Make Your Own Haunted House

If your kids are anything like ours, they love building forts. Now they can take that one step further with an at home haunted house. Help them bring their imagination to life. Or hide in your room while they prepare to surprise you with their scary creation. They will remember how much fun they had, for many years to come!

Make Your Own Candy

Nearly everyone can go out and buy Halloween candy, but how fun would it be to make your own candy? With this awesome kit from Amazon, you and your kids can make your own candy from home. They can learn about chemistry and fill their own trick or treat bags. This is a memory that they will surely cherish!

DIY Home Costume Contest

Celebrate Halloween at home and save some money at the same time. By having your kits scour their rooms to create their own costumes, they can be in for hours of fun. Have them pick a a favorite character and try to dress to match. Or pick a favorite animal to emulate. Their imaginations can run wild and then you can hold a house wide contest. Be sure to dress up too, so your kids can also judge you!

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