Having spent the majority of 2020 stuck at home, we’ve maximized this time by tackling home projects. These simple projects were very thrifty and gave our home a quickly and easy update. With a few bucks and some sweat equity, these thrifty ways to upgrade your home, can make your home feel warm and updated.

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Update Door Knobs With Spray Paint

Is your home filled with outdated brass or chrome door knobs or handles? If so, you can easily upgrade your home by either replacing them or updating what you have. With Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint, you can update all the knobs in your home for less than $20.

Update Old Flooring With Stencils

Have an old tile floor that’s seen better days? Well one of our thrifty ways to upgrade your home can update your floor on the cheap. With a little sweat equity, some paint, and a beautiful stencil, you can have the floor of your dreams. This is a project I’d like to tackle in our laundry room!

Paint or Re-Stain Front Door

A front door is the first impression your guests get from your home. If your front door is dingy or weathered, it’s time for an update. For front doors made of real wood, a high quality stain can give it new life. If your front door is a composite material, a new pop of color can make it stand out from your neighbors.

Replace Outdated Vent Grates

Air conditioning floor vents are something you may become blind to, but your guests will notice right away. Ones that builders include with your home can look dated and boring. To avoid a large upfront investment, I’ve started updating vents one by one. I’ll start in the main areas and soon all my vents will look modern and fresh.

Add A Modern Touch With New Switches

Most light switches are nothing exciting, but if you’re in the process of upgrading to a smart home, switches are a great place to start. New switches are sleek, work with most smart hubs, can be voice activated, among many other features. Like the floor vents, this is a great project to slowly update your home.

Brighten Up Your Space With Paint

Easily the most labor intensive way to upgrade your home is new paint. However, with a few coats you can brighten your space. A fresh light color will make your home feel larger and airy. Painting can be exhausting, but the end result can make it all worth it!

Upgrade Tired Old Faucets

Bathroom faucets get a lot of use each and every day. A surprisingly affordable way to upgrade your home is to replace those old gross faucets. Upgrading your entire home can be a large hit to your budget, but starting with a guest bathroom will wow your guests.

Dress Up A Chandelier

Probably the cheapest way to upgrade your home, is to add a ceiling medallion. For $10 to $20 you can add a simple moulding that will make your chandelier pop. We added one to our nook pendant because of a drywall issue and ended up absolutely loving it!

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